Pediatric dental care in Cinco Ranch

Best dentist in Cinco Ranch
Best dentist in Cinco Ranch

When it comes to health, a proactive approach is always the preferable path. So don’t wait for cavities do exist before dealing with them. Keep them at bay through the use of sealants. Head over to Healthy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry. Then treat your child to a meeting with our best dentist in Cinco Ranch. No cavities means a healthy, longer-lasting smile.

So how exactly do these sealants contribute to keeping those pesky cavities away from your mouth? First things first, they aren’t a single-step prevention method. You still have to make sure you’re taking care of business at home. That is, don’t skip out on brushing and flossing. Otherwise food particles will buildup and cause all kinds of problems. But even doing all of that doesn’t help stave off food particles and plaque from the surfaces of the teeth since toothbrushes can’t reach all the way into the grooves and depressions. That’s when a sealant comes in. In a nutshell, sealants are a plastic material placed on the chewing surface of the permanent black teeth. They ward off bacteria and acids that contribute to tooth decay. Depending on your child’s predisposition for dental caries, the number of sealants necessary could be more or less. And they should be applied to your child as soon as possible (around age 6 or so). Sound good? Our patients certainly think so. Keep your child’s smile intact for the long haul by treating them to a visit with Healthy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry for a meeting smile-rejuvenating meeting with our best dentist in Cinco Ranch.

And that’s all there is to it. Now go ahead and make the first step. Shoot us a call or an e-mail and our friendly staff at Healthy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry will promptly schedule an appointment with our best dentist Cinco Ranch. Just like we said it would be—easy.

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