Kids dental care in Sugarland

Children's dentist in Sugarland
Children’s dentist in Sugarland

The AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) recommends that you schedule your child’s first oral hygiene appointment when they reach their 1st birthday. So whether your child is ready for their first dental exam or if they have already had several visits from the tooth fairy, our children’s dentist in Sugarland is dedicated to creating healthy, beautiful, long-lasting smiles for your child.

At the initial visit with our hygienist, oral hygiene instructions are reviewed and are reinforced at subsequent recall visits. We recommend that each child be seen at least twice a year for a dental exam as routine exams can easily prevent future problems, such as cavities, gum disease, or tooth decay. This is because teeth, both primary and permanent teeth, survive best in an oral environment that is free from harmful pathogens. During this exam, our children’s dentist in Sugarland will perform a complete oral examination which includes an oral cancer screening, periodontal (gum) evaluation, and an analysis of their occlusion (bite). This ensures a thorough examination of their teeth, their supporting structures, and of the oral anatomy. Furthermore, avoiding sticky, sugary foods can be difficult for our adolescent, sweet-toothed patients, which is why we also offer dental sealants. These are plastic coatings that protect the chewing surface of a child’s back teeth from decay/cavities. We also provide interceptive orthodontics, dental fillings, and fluoride treatments for our pediatric patients as needed.

Imagine an entire new generation of patients who grow up not dreading the next dental visit. At Healthy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry, we can aim to make that a reality. The earlier your child starts going to the dentist and practicing good oral hygiene, the sooner and better they will be smiling. We believe the best time to implement good dental habits and hygiene into part of your daily routine is as a child, and our dental care program from our children’s dentist in Sugarland is exactly where your child’s good oral hygiene should begin.

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