Treating cavities in Cinco Ranch

Cinco Ranch pediatric dentist
Cinco Ranch pediatric dentist

Cavities are caused by buildup of food and debris that cause bacteria to form plaque and tartar over the teeth, resulting in tooth decay. At Healthy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry, our Cinco Ranch pediatric dentist is experienced in helping kids ward off tooth decay and treating their cavities with the best dental care around. Cavities can be treated using fillings, which are made from safe composite materials and which fill the holes created in the teeth. Cavities can be prevented by brushing and flossing daily and following a good oral health care regimen.

Our office is kid friendly and our specialties are treating and diagnosing tooth decay in children. Often, children suffer from cavities because certain habits such as bottle drinking may contribute to sugars seeping into the teeth or there are early childhood caries. If your child has suffered a dental emergency, see our Cinco Ranch pediatric dentist immediately. Dental emergencies may include a loose or dislodged tooth, a tooth that is broken or teeth that have become discolored. At Healthy Teeth we know kids can be afraid at the dentist, that’s why we take extra special care to make sure all children are happy when they leave our offices. Children’s teeth are fragile and still developing, and they need to ensure that their oral health habits are on point so that their teeth stay healthy through their growing years.

Our Cinco Ranch pediatric dentist studied an extra two years in order to learn the ins and outs of pediatric dentistry and how to care for children’s teeth. Pediatric dentistry is a special skill that dentists should make a point of knowing. Our patients include infants, children and teenagers, and our offices are designed to make each child’s visit to our dental offices as pleasant as possible. We serve many areas in the Texas community, including Houston, Richmond, Katy and Greatwood among others.

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