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Kids braces in Cinco Ranch
Kids braces in Cinco Ranch
There is no good reason that you should wait until your child is a teenager before having orthodontic treatment. By staring earlier, by age 7, we at Healthy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry are able to get out ahead of problems that would be more complex later on. This can save a great deal of time, effort, and money on future care.

In addition to basic teeth straightening, our kids braces in Cinco Ranch can also correct poor jaw development, guiding it to more ideal positioning. Space can be made for teeth that have yet to grow in; tooth crowding can be addressed; and there are also benefits in the area of addressing thumb or finger sucking, minor speech difficulties, and regulating the width of the upper and lower arches. Our kids braces in Cinco Ranch are also able to make the need for adult tooth extractions less likely. Is your child a good candidate for this early treatment? We recommend an evaluation, either because he or she is showing possible indications of orthodontic issues, or simply for your peace of mind. Not every teeth alignment issue is obvious. Some can only be determined with an examination. It is around the age of 7 that most children still have some baby teeth, while some adult teeth have already begun to erupt. Assessing her or his teeth positioning is much easier to do at that juncture. A few signs that you should look out for to indicate that you should bring your child in are early or late loss of baby teeth; difficulties chewing; mouth breathing; sucking of fingers or thumb; crowded, misplaced, or blocked teeth; jaws that click or pop when opening or closing; teeth that don’t meet properly; jaws and teeth not being in proportion with the rest of the face; and crowded front teeth.

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