Pediatric orthodontics in Sugar Land TX

Kids braces in Sugar Land TX
Kids braces in Sugar Land TX
You don’t have to wait until your child reaches his or her teen years to take advantage of our kids braces in Sugar Land TX. In fact, there are very clear reasons for beginning considerably earlier; perhaps as early as age 7. Here at Healthy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry, we are committed to helping your child to avoid the consequences of poor teeth alignment and positioning with intervention as soon as possible.

Our kids braces in Sugar Land TX can be useful to correct improper jaw development, make space for teeth where there is crowding of them, putting a stop to thumb or finger sucking, improving minor speech difficulties, regulating the width of the arches (both lower and upper), and keeping teeth from having to be extracted just to make room in your child’s mouth. Taking timely action leads to getting results that may prevent the need for additional treatments when your child reaches adolescence. At minimum, she or he will likely need far less complicated and time-consuming orthodontic care at that age, thanks to getting a head start in childhood. Furthermore, you will probably find that the cost of our kids braces in Sugar Land TX may pay for itself, in part or in entirety, by preventing the need for more expensive treatments later on. We recommend that you bring your child in for an evaluation by age 7, or possibly earlier if you detect any concerns that you would like to have addressed. Examples include early loss of baby teeth or baby teeth staying in too late, mouth breathing, jaws clicking or popping when they open and close, teeth that don’t meet properly, and jaws and teeth not being in the right proportion to the rest of the face.

Call our office and arrange an appointment for your child to come in and find out if early orthodontic care is the right option.

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