Your child’s dental health is just as important as yours, and in some ways is more complex to address. For one thing, he or she has two sets of teeth to deal with: the primary, or baby, teeth; and the permanent (or adult) teeth that will grow in later on. Kids are also at a high risk for tooth decay and the cavities that they form. Our Sugar Land dentist at Healthy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry is pleased to provide top quality kids dental care, keeping your child’s teeth strong and healthy.

Children have a reputation for not liking their visits to the dentist, but there is no reason for that to be so. Our Sugar Land dentist has put tremendous effort into making our office one that is welcoming to your child, and in developing a process that will make her or him feel comfortable and at ease. Modern techniques in dentistry mean that pain is no longer a constant in the dental process for adults or kids. Our environment is anxiety-free, and you will take notice of that from the second you walk through our door. Your child will become acquainted with our staff, with the tools and equipment, and particularly with our pediatric dentist. Trust is key in the relationship, and that is something that is established here from the get-go.

Education is a cornerstone of the strategy that our Sugar Land dentist utilizes. Moving forward, questions are bound to arise regarding the prevention of tooth decay, dealing with teething, the role that good nutrition plays in dental well-being, and even the advantages of fluoride treatments in cavity prevention. Dental checkups every six months (or more often depending on your child’s unique circumstances) along with teeth cleanings, and periodic x-rays will be essential to keeping your child’s baby teeth in top condition, so that they will fall out on their normal schedule, leaving proper room for the eruption of adult teeth.

The experiences that your child has early on with our Sugar Land dentist will set the stage for how he or she feels about dentistry for her or his entire life. Make those experiences positive. Call us and schedule your child’s first appointment at our office.

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