Pediatric dentist in Sugarland

Sugarland tooth extractions
Sugarland tooth extractions

If you are looking for a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist who will be able to provide your child with expert tooth care, then you will definitely want to become familiar with our dental practice, Healthy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry. At our dental practice, we specialize in providing dental services for children including Sugarland tooth extractions.

Our expert and highly trained pediatric dentist is Dr. Shilpa. Dr. Shilpa has a passion for providing exemplary dental care for children. At our dental practice, we offer a full range of children’s dental services including Sugarland tooth extractions. When a child has a tooth extraction, they will need to have some type of pain management. Depending upon the parents’ preferences, and the age and health of the child, the proper sedation dentistry will be decided upon and offered when a child is having a tooth extracted. Sometimes when a child is having a tooth extraction they will be best off under general anesthesia. At our practice, we also offer a topical numbing ointment which usually tastes like bubblegum or some other flavor which is well tolerated by children. Sometimes an injection may be given for dental anesthesia. At our practice, we believe it is always the best practice to use as few painkillers as possible on children, while paying very close attention to their comfort level.

In order to extract the tooth, our dentist will place a wedge between the tooth and the bone surrounding it. This will expand the tooth socket and separate its ligaments. The forceps used in extraction will then be able to manipulate the tooth from side to side and rotate the tooth for further socket expansion and ligament separation. When the tooth is properly prepared in this manner, it will be able to be pulled so that it will be able to completely emerge from it socket. It is common for bleeding to occur after tooth extraction. This bleeding may last for up to a day. A small piece of gauze should be kept in place for long enough for the blood to clot. Our dentist will give you specific instructions about how to care for your child after the tooth extraction is performed. If you have a child who needs to have Sugarland tooth extractions, we hope you will contact our practice where your child will receive the very best compassionate and expert dental care.

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